ABD Computer Installations is an Australian owned and run Business in Sydney N.S.W . The longevity of our business has always maintained the Core values of stability , reliability , integrity and security.  the key ingredients to the recipe to our success.  ABD does not outsource ,contract out our support or Dev. to others we do it all in-house and you have access to the Team that do it.

Due to the rapid speed of Cyber Concerns and fast pace Development of the I.O.T (Internet of things) both Technology and Applications, an ongoing regular Care-Plan is vital  to increase a higher security and availability of your Business. ABD Computers and Networks works towards a maximum error-free environment of Systems ,Networks and I.O.T.  with precise or targeted monitoring and expert remedial intervention for all aspects of Cyber Security concerns.

  • Regular installation of Security updates.
  • Penetration and analysis of system activity logs
  • Investigate errors and abnormalities .
  • Troubleshooting to locate the best solution to the problem.

Take the ABD Pro-Active approach towards your Business I.T. today , because it is time to say goodbye to the stress and confusion and hello to ABD Computers confidence.

ABD’s Development and Services Team are right here in Australia with Local Ingenuity, Brains ,dedication and trust  .

ABD Computer Installations specialises in Linux , MacOS and Windows Based Servers and Desktops either in the virtual Cloud or on stable Ground. We highly recommend our customers ‘not wait’ for the catastrophe to happen, so they can test a previous version of their Disaster Recovery plan or System salvage Lucky card.

Today global companies are popular targets for Cyber attacks by Bad guys in the Internet with their Ransomeware and malware.  Potential vulnerabilities need to be addressed immediately not later. ABD administers the testing, planning and integration of all security patches in your Technology and Networks.

  • Verify networks for weaknesses and security gaps.
  • Security Patching for Windows ,MacOS and Linux operating systems
  • Targeted control over patch scheduling and approvals.

Our motto is  “you must be Secure and have a Disaster Recovery Plan and the practical test plan is to ensure sure it actually works !”

Local confidence and Qualified System Engineering is a selected preference which ABD customers partner with . However some businesses are not worried that their Business’s information are handled in another unknown spot on the planet with unknown or untrusted people that change every day and allow others that you dont know and trust to handle your systems and dont actually understand the Australian Local industry needs, sensitivities ,standards and requirements . Language is never our barrier and we take the necessary time to completely understand and gain your trust and approval so we can service your Business better. This should be important to you ? .


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