Cloud Backup

With an effective I.T. disaster recovery plan, your business will be protected from costly downtime and minimise.system failure. It can be an extremely expensive journey, when a system or network at a stand still, productivity is next to zero and costs to your business multiply by the minute. It is critical to have a proactive emergency response proceedure in place, so that if the unexpected occurs you have peace of mind knowing what to do and who will rescue you.

Lock up your Network

Proactive IT solutions to save you time & money. ABD Computer Installations is a Managed IT solutions integrator, our primary focus is to deliver secure Open source solutions for all S.M.E. to save you time and money.

Access your Files anywhere

We support the physical IT in your office & can replicate computer instances in our Cloud or Co-location in our Data centers

ABD business support is a complete on & offsite managed IT service for your business that offers the following: Helpdesk On & Offsite (remote) support Remote backup and system monitoring Associate partners in all areas of software and hardware Support for publicly listed companies

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